Josh Foley in da House Show 2.0 @ Constance ARI

During lockdown in 2020, among other things, like drawing (and eating) lots of food, Josh painted a laundry. Effusing the space with clouds of coral paint his goal was to transform a grubby little room into a kind of modernist utopia. The objects in the space provoked the right brain. The vintage dryer was viewed anew, with some faux marble at its base, as a homage to the Jeff Koons Pre-New series of the early 1980's (before he began publicly fornicating ETC.) Koon's displayed new appliances bought from Harvey Norman (American equivalent of...) in spotless clear Perspex boxes - lovely.

Then, having fantasied about inviting individuals to visit this transformed Laundry - Foley came across a new Constance ARI project - calling out to artists who wanted to add a room to a virtual house exhibition. Josh was selected and his fantasy became reality. The ensuing addition of works, play with the intimacy of the area... like so many soapy thought bubbles have emerged stained red from the washing machine (someone mixed the colours) and popped... to reveal more quirky homages... to other decadent artists and musicians with their own turbulent pasts. Divisions of joy.

The presentation, is an experiment in novel forms and novelties. It is showing online right now:

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